paintings - david lynch
Mark Summers - Engraved Illustrations
Jean Betancourt - Illustrations
So PineNut - Illustrations
Anka Zhuravleva - Photography

Anka Zhuravleva – Photography

This bit of inspirational photography is by Anka Zhuravleva – who trained as an architect in Russia before life events led her into modeling. A little later drown the road, after …

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Inspiration Type: Design.
Peter Stewart - Photography

Peter Stewart – Photography

Peter Stewart does travel photography, traveling the world, taking stunning shots of landscapes and cityscapes. The Australian born photographer had no experienced before he started playing with a camera about …

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Inspiration Type: Photography.
Guillaume Verdier - Digital Painting
Meghan Howland - Paintings
Paula Duta - Drawings
The Great Nature Light Show

Julie Sarloutte – Embroidery

Have a look at French artist, Julie Sarloutte ‘s colorful portraits done with embroidery. Julie says doing “la broderie” is a way for her to escape her hectic, every day world and to lose …

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Nat Von Sky - Digital Art
Norris YimYiNok - Drawings

Norris YimYiNok – Drawings

Illustrator, Norris YimYiNok  is un undergrad studying design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  These incredibly intricate drawings are of some of Norris’ favorite famous people (Hong Kong and American stars). 

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Inspiration Type: Drawings.
Sham Enbashi - Photography
Lorraine Loots - Mini Paintings
Valentino Quijano - Paintings

David Foster – Pointillism

Pointillism is the technique of creating images out of a bunch of individual dots. Artist, David Foster‘s pieces start out as sketches then he adds the nails. Some of David’s pictures have used up …

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Inspiration Type: Sculpture.
Christina Bothwell - Sculpture

Christina Bothwell – Sculpture

Christina Bothwell’s sculptures are made from mostly glass and clay fashioned with found objects. Her surreal pieces have an otherworldly feel, with an underlying sense of vulnerability (which the artist seeks to inject). …

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Inspiration Type: Sculpture.
Roby Dwi Antono - Paintings
David Quayola - Digital Sculpture
Bernhard Lang - Photography
Leon Keer & Ben Johnston - Chalk Art
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