Travis Louie - Paintings

Travis Louie – Paintings

Travis Louie’s paintings are a strange combination of Victorian or Edwardian style portraits and strange creatures out of the artist’s sketch book. Louie started as a freelance illustrator, which wasn’t particularly …

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Inspiration Type: Modern Paintings, Paintings.
Tomasz Zaczeniuk - Digital Art
Breaking Waves Project - Sculpture
Hernan Bas - Paintings

Hernan Bas – Paintings

Miami born artist, Hernan Bas’ very literate paintings almost feel like scenes out of some really cool books – they are inspired by the writings of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysman. Bas has exhibited across the …

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Inspiration Type: Modern Paintings, Paintings.
Phérivong Philippe - Paintings
Ricardo Solis - painitngs

Ricardo Solis – Paintings

Ever wonder how animals are made? Well these paintings by Mexican artist Ricardo Solis  depict the process of animal creation… and wouldn’t you know it, it’s all done my tiny people. 

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Inspiration Type: Illustrations.
Daniel Blignaut - Paintings
Akira Nagaya - Paper Cutting

Akira Nagaya – Paper Cutting

Japanese artist, Akira Nagaya is self-taught. He honed his carving skills preparing sushi. One of his first jobs was to create the accompanying decorations out of bamboo leafs. He turned that into …

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Inspiration Type: Sculpture.
Christian Schloe - Digital Artists

Luke Fenech – Graphic Art

Luke Fenech is an illustrator out of London. He’s done graphic art for all sorts of print publications, product companies, and online publications too… like Wired, American Apparel, Studio Toogood, and …

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Inspiration Type: Graphic Art.
Madame Peripetie - Photography

Asya Kozina – Sculpture

Ukrainian artist,  Asya Kozina‘s paper sculptures are inspired by the different ethnic wedding dresses from the area where she lives. They are in part meant to reinvigorate the tradition of the ethnic wedding dress, a custom …

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Inspiration Type: Sculpture.
John Grade - Sculpture

John Grade – Sculpture

Artist, John Grade‘s inspiring sculptures are generally built from natural materials like wood, plant based resins, or clay. The works are not just about the sculptures themselves, but also about the process …

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Inspiration Type: Modern Artists, Sculpture.
Nattapon Sritrairat - Photography
Alexandra N. Sherman - Paintings
Joe Gegan - Paintings
Jane Jong - Photopgraphy

Jane Jong – Photopgraphy

Photographer, Jane Long, has created a series of digitally retouched and recontextualized shots originally taken by Romanian photographer, Costica Ascinte at the end of WW1.  She calls the inspiring series, Dancing …

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Inspiration Type: Digital Art.
Shinique Smith - Paintings
Mark Gmehling - Digital Art
Jim Lambie - Sculpture

Jim Lambie – Sculpture

One of Scotland’s finest, artist, Jim Lambie, has an ongoing exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery. His eye-catching and colorful floor sculptures consist of lines made from different colors of vinyl tape. …

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Inspiration Type: Modern Artists, Sculpture.
Chris Poppos - Photography
best drawing tablets
Miha Strukelj - DIgital Art
Olafur Eliasson - Site Installation
From Brooklyn

Jacques Szymanski – Photography

French photographer Jacques Szymanski takes spontaneous pictures while he travels about and emerges himself into the surrounding culture. His preference is photography of  actual occurrences which he comes across rather than staging photo-shots. …

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Inspiration Type: Photography.