Paintings by Tristan Pigott
Reflective Paintings from Brad Kunkle
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Oguzhan Kayan's Ink Drawing
Cybèle Young's Paper Sculptures of Everyday Objects
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cool drawings
Pierre Schmidt - Illustrations
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Jonathon Quill - Drawings

Jonathon Quill – Drawings

These cool drawing come to us by the way of Jonathon Quill, an artist from the U.S.. Jonathon likes experimenting with different mediums but is ultimately drawn to the simplicity of …

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Inspiration Type: Cool Drawings.
Heather Horton - Paintings
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William Miller - Photography

William Miller – Photography

William Miller bought an old Polaroid camera form a garage sale and realized it took really crappy pictures. He then started playing with the development process of the film and found he …

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Inspiration Type: Photography.
Guy Denning
Gan Chin Lee - Paintings

Gan Chin Lee – Paintings

Gan Chin Lee studied illustration at The One Academy in Malaysia and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.  Gan sees himself as an emerging, evolving artist, and his art as a …

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Inspiration Type: Design.
don gummer sculpture
Steve Tobin -  Sculptures
Olga Sabko - Drawings
Devan Shimoyama - Paintings
Michele Del Campo - Painintgs
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