Ethereal photos taken in Iceland help photographer Liz Osban cope with her depression

Iceland was always the travel destination of Liz Osban’s dreams. And after waiting 8 years, the Wyoming-based photographer finally decided to surprise her boyfriend by making a booking to go to the island of Sigur Rós in Iceland during the winter.

Not just a vacation getaway, the trip was a welcome change for someone who had been coping with feelings of depression. The cold blue hues of the frozen landscape in March were the perfect inspiration she needed to explore and channel her own emotions and history.

“Being greeted by such deep blue colors in the Iceland sky probably foreshadowed my photos and how I felt during the trip,” she said. “While it was a very windy and trying trip, everything was still perfect. I kept thinking to myself how I had never been happier and I had never felt more like myself and that I knew who I was and what I was to do when I got home.” [h/t]LizOsban1 LizOsban3 LizOsban4 LizOsban5 LizOsban6 LizOsban7 LizOsban8 LizOsban9 LizOsban10 LizOsban13 LizOsban23