Explosions of color photographed by Gabriel Wickbold

Brazilian photographer Gabriel Wickbold pours buckets’ worth of paint on his models in a simultaneously transcendent and sort of cruel artistic endeavor. Explosions of color and raw sensuality seem to jump out from each one of his works in the series titled “Sexual Color”. Wickbold says of the works, “The paint is a protection and at the same time revealing. It covers a woman, but in character, reveals itself.”tumblr_ocb3oymc7s1qarjnpo1_500Wickbold is a self-taught photographer who also has experience in various other forms of art like poetry and music. “I picked up some tips from my photographer friends, and made a research laboratory in my studio,” he says of his early experience. “Every day I discover how to do different kinds of lighting. But for me, it’s about much more than the perfect lighting setup. It’s about the perfect vibe.” [h/t darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblr.com] tumblr_ocb3oymc7s1qarjnpo2_500 tumblr_ocb3oymc7s1qarjnpo3_500 tumblr_ocb3oymc7s1qarjnpo4_500 tumblr_ocb3oymc7s1qarjnpo5_500