Lucas Simões creates portraits layered in secrets

Brazilian artist Lucas Simões explores expression and the art of storytelling in his series “Destretratos”. For it, he invited close friends to his place to tell him a secret as he shot their portraits.

“My intention was not to hear their secret,” said Simões, “but to capture the expressions of each one at the moment they revealed their secret. I also asked each one to choose a song for me to listen to in my ear phones while I photographed them. And, after the photo session, I asked each one if the secret had a color, and these are the colors the portraits carry. From this photo shooting session I chose 10 different portraits to cut and overlap.”

Layering so many photos on top of each other, he cut out rifts across each person’s face. Sometimes, geometric or jagged. Other times, flowing and fluid. The resulting patterns with their accompanying colors allude to the possible emotions and expressions of his subjects as they tell their stories. [h/t]001_o 002_o 003_o auto-desretrato_self-unportrait_o desretato_unportrait_mora na filosofia_o Desretrato - everything everything_o Desretrato - kin_o Desretrato - minhas lagrimas_o Desretrato - ponta de areia_o desretrato _ a cano que morre no ar_ Lucas simoes_o desretrato _ rquiem_ Lucas simoes_o desretrato _extremo sul_ Lucas simoes_o desretrato_oltremare_lucas Simoes_o lucas simes_unportrait_alejandro_o