Otherworldly black-and-white self-portraits by Noell Osvald

Hungarian artist Noell Osvald continues to focus on minimalistic and surreal compositions in her latest series. Her black-and-white self-portraits transport us into imaginary worlds of her making. And we’re drawn further in as we follow along the bold, stark lines that sweep across the picture. Osvald’s portraits usually don’t depict a full view of her face. Instead, she uses the bold lines of her silhouette or her dark hair to compliment and strengthen the shapes in her environment.

Astoundingly, the 25-year-old, self-taught artist only began her work as a photographer in recent years. She focuses her work on digital manipulation and compositing. “I find post-processing the most enjoyable part of creating,” she told Lines magazine. “I build my pictures up from several different ones, much like a jigsaw puzzle.” [h/t thisiscolossal.com]12b 16 17a 19-1 20c 22 Noell_01 Noell_02 Noell_03 Noell_04 Noell_05