Photographer Alex Ugalnikov reminds us of how beautiful winter mornings can be if we’d just wake up early enough to see it

Icy rays of pink sunlight pierce through the frozen landscape in these stunning landscape photos taken by Alex Ugalnikov. The photographer ventured out from his home in the countryside of Belurus in the early winter mornings to capture the perfect scene of snowy, misty fields bathed in the pink and orange light of the morning sun. Silent rivers and lakes reflect perfectly reflect the colors from above while lingering fog remind us of the biting cold temperatures of the morning. Surprisingly, Ugalnikov says these photos are extremely close to reality and have only minor color enhancements added. Viewers have nicknamed the works “Morning Poetry” or “Return To Magenta”.

A hobby photographer, Ugalnikov first handled a camera in the 4th grade. He bought his first, cheap camera to take on fishing trips. [h/t]morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-2 Colorful winter morning Frosty winter morning morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-12 morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-14 morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-15 morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-18 morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-19 morning-belarus-winter-sunrise-photography-alex-ugalek-22 Foggy winter sunrise