Photographer Anja Niemi explores our relationship with ourselves in her latest series

Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi takes us on a visual journey across the California desert with seemingly two women. In “Darlene & Me”, the photographer creates a narrative between two women who are the same person. They’re sometimes depicted antagonizing each other and even, in one scene, burying the other after murdering them. But on other occasions, they seem at peace with the other’s presence.

Niemi was inspired to create the series after coming across a suitcase from the late 1950’s full of makeup samples belonging to a beauty counselor named Darlene. Most of the samples were untouched and receipts showed she had only made two sales, both to herself. Niemi writes, “The case left me with a feeling of a woman’s failed attempt at success, and a strong sense of who got in her way.” [h/t]

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