Photographs of Portuguese Man O’ Wars by Aaron Ansarov

Before retiring from the U.S. Navy, Aaron Ansarov worked as a combat photographer. After his service, Ansarov would wander around his Virginia backyard with his young son both to teach him about the animals there and as a form of therapy for himself. One day, his son suggested they take a few animals back home to photograph in detail. But they were stunned to discover the amount of color and detail they found in the small animals.

Since then, Ansarov has moved multiple times and currently lives in Florida. In each move, he would document local wildlife, making sure to release the animals unharmed afterwards. This current series gives us an upclose look at the Portuguese Man O’ Wars Ansarov encountered on a local beach. He hopes the photographs will give viewers an appreciation of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. [h/t]Aaron-Ansarov_web1 Aaron-Ansarov_web3 Aaron-Ansarov_web10 Aaron-Ansarov_web11 Aaron-Ansarov_web12 Aaron-Ansarov_web13 Aaron-Ansarov_web14 Aaron-Ansarov_web15 Aaron-Ansarov_web16 Aaron-Ansarov_web17 Aaron-Ansarov_web18 Aaron-Ansarov_web19 Aaron-Ansarov_web22 Aaron-Ansarov_web23 Aaron-Ansarov_web24