Robert Buelteman takes photos of flowers glowing with electric currents

In a process that may conjure up images straight out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, photographer Robert Buelteman creates glowing photos of flowers by passing 80,000 volts of electricity through them. First, Buelteman carves at his plant specimens with a scalpel until they are sheer. He then places them on a metal sheet between layers of Plexiglas and surrounded by silicone. At this point, he passes the electric current through the plant with a fiber-optic cable captures light pulsing through the plants. The gas surround the plant ionizes and creates a mystical blue haze around the flower.

It can take up to 150 tries for Buelteman to get just one good photo. But he’s drawn to the challenge presented in creating a single beautiful image. His pieces will be displayed at Adler & Co Gallery in San Francisco until December 28th 2015. [h/t]Robert-Buelteman-Photography-1 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-2 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-3 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-4 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-5 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-6 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-7 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-8 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-9 Robert-Buelteman-Photography-10