The double exposure portraiture of Andreas Lie

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie overlays subtle pictures of landscapes on top of the bodies of animals to create muted but spellbinding portraits of nature within nature. He places scenes of forests, water, mountains, and even the Northern Lights inside the animals to create the effect that they carry a world inside as they walk across the composition.

The animals, often forest creatures such as foxes, wolves, elk appear in quiet contemplation as the shapes of the natural environment appear slowly from inside them, offering light and shadows that define the silhouette. Trees especially seem to pair well with the animal portraits as they suggest the texture of fur. You can find Lie’s works on sale at Society6 where his art comes on prints, totes, and other items.  [h/t]

1AndreasLie-1 2AndreasLie-2 3AndreasLie-3 4AndreasLie-4 5AndreasLie-5 6AndreasLie-6 7AndreasLie-7 8AndreasLie-8 9AndreasLie-9