The Wonderland Book by Kirsty Mitchell

We all have those childhood memories of the grand, fantastical worlds we’d invent when our parents read us our favorite fairy tales. Fine art photographer, Kirsty Mitchell, remembers this fondly. That’s why she created a photo series titled Wonderland, inspired by the stories her mother would read to her as a child and the imaginary worlds she built as a result. The award-winning series will soon be available as a photobook by the same name.

The project started in 2009 with humble beginnings as a simple endeavor. But the initial success of the portraits steered the artist to create ever more ornate photos with props and costumes sewn, painted, and assembled by hand. A single shot potentially took five months of prep work. The collection of 74 photos is currently seeking funding with huge success on Kickstarter. [h/t]1_Kirsty-in-Studio 3_Wonderland-images-collage-1 4_Wonderland-images-collage-2 5_Wonderland-London-show 21_The-Stars-Of-Spring-Will-Carry-You-Home- 23_The-Fade-Of-Fallen-Memories 24_Shell-Wait-For-You-In-The-Shadows-Of-Summer- Gammelyns-Daughter-