Whimsical, fairy-tale scenes by Oleg Oprisco

Ukrainian photographer, Oleg Oprisco, creates whimsical portraits that seem to come straight out of fairy-tales. His scenes play with our perception of objects and dimensions, sometimes turning people into tiny actors inside a world grown large. Other times, weaving unrelated subjects together into a single tapestry. Amazingly, the photographs are all shot using a film camera and are not digital manipulations.

“Each of my photos is a scene from real life,” he said about the work. “That is the perfect source of inspiration for me as there is so much beauty to it.”

Oprisco also had some advice to give to aspiring photographers. “Drop your job and shoot … if you feel that’s what you want. Freedom, happiness, money… all will come after you let go and just shoot.” [h/t emptykingdom.com]chrisp@asmallorange.com  Oleg-Oprisco3 Oleg-Oprisco4 Oleg-Oprisco5 Oleg-Oprisco6 Oleg-Oprisco7 Oleg-Oprisco8 Oleg-Oprisco9 Oleg-Oprisco10 Oleg-Oprisco11 Oleg-Oprisco14