Prafful Saxena’s world of art

A small-town boy with big time dreams, a sketchbook yielded in one hand and a laptop in another, I started my journey in the world of art. Life seems easy when one has a clear vision of what must be done, I started my career early when I envisioned art as my driving force.  Per me everything has a style & I try to find it in digital illustrations. I […]


The hypnotic visions of Paulegu

My name is Paulegu, I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in Lithuania. I draw illustrations by hand, using only graphite pencils and sometimes finish it with digital colors. I’m mostly interested in creating psychedelic drawings full of hypnotic visions. More information about me can be found on my Tumblr page.  I’m adding quite a bunch of artworks that I’ve created recently. Hope you like it!


Hipersurrealística by Alberto Matsumura

I am a self-taught artist. In fact, I am not really an art lover. I feel more interest in science and philosophy than I do in fine arts. My collection “Hipersurrealística” consists of 47 surrealistic drawings. I describe impossible universes where quantum probability combines an alternate reality, forming disturbing scenes with a high visual content. Pareidolias, extra dimensions, multiple perspectives, irrational associations, are recurring elements when translating paradoxical atmospheres, and […]


Peering beneath the layers with Timi Cserny

Somehow whatever I touch ends up having something to do with tales. Old tales and new ones, the archetypal ones that have been told time after time, or the ones no more than three people know in this whole wide world. Or the tales I tell myself. Tales, stories push buttons inside us, awakening powerful forces. I love playing, slipping into someone else’s fate, thinking their thoughts, feeling their feelings. […]


From the sketchbook of Raman Djafari

My name is Raman Djafari. I am an illustrator, concept artist and fine artist based in Hamburg, Germany. In the past, I’ve been working in many different fields of visual arts and I feel like that variety is something that is not going to leave me for quite a while. Despite the urge to narrow down and specialize, the desire to explore and trust my insticts is what seems to […]


The doodles of Lisa Kogawa

Hello! I am a young Japanese doodler who currently draws in Los Angeles. I’ve been drawing since I was little and it has always been part of my life. Sometimes I tend to like the act of drawing itself rather than a outcome. While I draw, I focus to give ‘breathe’ to the lines so the drawing can be ‘alive’ and fun!~Lisa Kogawa


The tangible fantasy of H Lazarus

I paint what I dream of. Sometimes literally, some other times I try to convey the “oniric feeling” in my paintings, that sensation you have when dreaming, that the Reality you’re seeing is both tangible, factual, and yet completely absurd, otherworldly. How many times in our everyday life we find ourselves stunned by mundane events, normal things, that in our mind become incomprehensible and surreal? That make you question yourself […]


The jaunty illustrations of Qintong Li

My name is Qintong Li. I born and raised in a small city near Beijing. After I graduated by graphic major from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, I realized I want to start drawing and painting so much, I want to creative something by my hands using pencils and brushes. So I came to Art Center College of Design study illustration in 2011 in Los Angeles. It was so […]


Topographical line works by Katy Ann Gilmore

There’s something very soothing and satisfying about looking at the mesh-patterned works of LA-based artist, Katy Ann Gilmore. Trails of 2-dimensional bisecting lines meander across the canvas and trick the eye to see 3-dimensional form. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the flowing, undulating lines that come together to create stunning mountain ranges and outdoor topographies. And subtle shades of color are added to the edges to give each work an […]


Mickael Brana's crazy and absurd universe

I’m a freelance illustrator and artist born in 1990 in Bayonne, France. I have developed a unique style with two different faces : the illustration side and the fine art side. My illustrations are funny, fresh and comic. Whereas my art is more melancholic, weird and expressive. But they are two sides of the same coin. My whole universe  is a bunch of strange characters, crazy animals and absurd monsters. […]


Drawn from the subconscious of Alan Williamson

I’m an unschooled artist, or raw, or self-taught… whichever you like. I spent hours as a child, with pencil in hand, drawing comic strip characters and hockey players. My greatest accomplishment as an artist was the last time someone said, ‘Hey, I like that.’ I hope to hear it again… soon. I’ve no major, or minor influences… and I’m sticking with that. I make faces… I create because I want […]