Awesome Illustrations by Alfonso Ebola

These illustrations by Alfonso Ebola are a combination of drawing and digital art. Ebola is very conscious of incorporating surreal and powerful inspirational elements in his work, denoting a triumph of spirit.  


The Great Nature Light Show

Nabana no Sato is a botanical garden in Japan which is turned into inspirational art every winter when they construct a huge light shows using over 7 million LEDs. This year’s display is called, “The Great Nature,” and it allows you to walk through a sunrise at Mt. Fuji, an aurora, and a rainbow.


Alexandra N. Sherman - Paintings

PAINTINGS Alexandra N. Sherman studied drawing and painting at the University of Wisconsin. Her flowing and sometimes turbulent, yet inspirational paintings depict the chaos and unpredictability inherent in life. “The support upon which the series is painted is a synthetic paper called Yupo […] Yupo separate when saturated to a certain degree and settle in semi-predictable patterns, thus rendering the paintings in a state of controlled chaos while the paint remains wet. The […]


Inspirational Photography of Nature's Grandure

Curious enough, sometimes being reminded of how insignificant we are in the face of the enormity of nature can be an inspiring though. These inspirational photographs remind us of just that. see more at []  


Douglas Smith's Inspirational Drawings

Check out these awesome inspirational drawings/illustrations by Douglas Smith…


Amy Friends' Light Photography

Here, at AIA we love a chance to show some interesting, innovative nuisances that you can maybe incorporate or modify for your purposes, and we think Amy Friends’ use of balls of light as an effect in her photography fits that bill.  Friends’ work isn’t concerned with capturing reality; rather it tries to deal with subjects like, time, impermanence, memory, and the flux of life. “I “re-use” light by allowing it to shine through the […]


Caras Ionut's Surreal, Inspirational Art (2014)

Caras Ionut’s surreal and inspirational art photos got a lot of attention at the very end of 2013. We’d thought we’d take a look at what he’s been up to so far this year. If your interested in Caras’ tricks of the trade, he sells how to’s showing how he made some of his cool photographs, as well as general tutorials for photoshoping.


The Most Spectacular Metro Stations in the World

Here are some of the most spectacular metro stations in the world. And North Korea made the list! (with the deepest subway in the world)… via [travellerpix]      


Famous Artists on the Power of Inspirational Art

A great article in the Huff Post that pulls together quotes from famous artists on the power of inspirational art.  Here’s a sampling of some of the inspirational insights…          


Drawing Skills Really Do Improve with Practice

We’ve all heard to old adage that practice makes perfect. Well here’s proof–photos documenting the development of skill of those who practiced the art of drawing…check out the cool drawings these artists can now produce.   via [HuffPost]


Best Street Art 2014

Best Street Art 2014 [via]