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Eugenia's Collages

Eugenia’s Collages

Eugenia is originally from Greece, but now lives in the States.  She’s been a nurse, a computer programmer, a journalist, and then she got hooked on making collage...

Guy Whitby’s Keyboard Art

Artist, WBK (aka Guy Whitby) has a penchant for things from the pre-digital age. He also has a fascination with keyboard buttons. Combine the two and this is what you get…keyboard...

Collage Art by David Delruelle

David Delruelle is a collage artist from Brussels. David combes flea markets and used book stores looking for stuff to deconstruct and rebuild. He tries to combine elements that have a...

Sergio Mora Pop Surrealism

Sergio Mora’s Pop Surrealism

Sergio Mora is a multifaceted Spanish artist who, in his Pop Surrealism style,  takes the audience  into a fantasy, circus-like world full all sorts of interesting characters and creatures.

Artist Kerstin Bratsch

Artist Kerstin Bratsch

German artist, Kerstin Bratsch, a graduate of the Columbia University School of the Arts, uses what she calls a “marbling technique” to create the effect seen in the pieces...