Artists share amazing before-and-after photos of their drawing skills over time

It’s easy to lose some hope when we’re laboring over a drawing that just isn’t turning out the way we want. In these moments, we only focus on the challenge and we can lose sight of our progress over time. But several artists are sharing their own skill evolution as they improved their drawing skills over years in order to prove just how much dedication can really pay off.

From the first picture to the last, the difference in skill is mind-blowing. Some artists share their transformation over just a few years, while others take us through decades. They prove how much drawing is a skill anyone can hone over time with enough practice and patience. It’s an inspiring reminder of what anyone can accomplish if we just set our minds to it. [h/t]drawing_banksied drawing_EndOfAllHope drawing_honeydips drawing_Joma_Tuazon drawing_noah_bradley drawing_ray_sampang drawingevolution1 drawingevolution2