Entering another dimension with Aleksandra Czuja

I am a Polish artist. I live and work in the south of France. I would like to captivated the spectator and enter it into another dimension. To embrace. Drawing is for me a way to expressions of the moment, the anxiety that gripped me. I search the sublimation of experience. My inner world is a world full of sorrow and beauty. I treat it in black and white. I research my own mystery and beauty in drawing.

What I love in the drawing is the time, “you can not sleep quickly”. The time gives the tempo of my work, in which I seek my own perfection, reflection and soul. The drawing must give the viewer the experience of the moment, stoppage. In the art count for me the words of the epitaph of Raphael : “Here lies Raphael : during his life, the nature feared being beaten by him; today that he is dead she is afraid to die”. ~Aleksandra Czujatumblr_nqeegcOmRT1to4kdgo1_1280

I’m working on a small format, still the same. Means of expression limited to the fine tip marker. I superimpose layers, as in the fresco, until I get the impression of the moment, the light I’m looking for. I feel that there is something very obsessive in my work. I don’t limit my search to one series, theme and I don’t think it to be completed. I’m always adding. tumblr_nfyin4jC301to4kdgo1_r2_540 tumblr_nfc550iblw1to4kdgo1_540  tumblr_ng0v28XdBs1to4kdgo1_r3_540 tumblr_nkfve7NCCV1to4kdgo1_r1_540tumblr_n60ynvM4i01to4kdgo1_1280 tumblr_npvxuvyTX31to4kdgo1_1280  tumblr_nqkcwdY4lc1to4kdgo1_540 tumblr_nxk1r3nie51to4kdgo2_r1_500 tumblr_o3pzdv7LU91to4kdgo1_540