The patterns or abstraction by Coco Huang

This is Coco Huang, I am a mixed media artist.  My art is inspired by memories of those close to me, meanings I draw from everyday life, my experiences as a Taiwanese Vancouverite who has traveled extensively around the world and even just spontaneous encounters. Since each conceptual idea may require different mediums, I like to experiment with materials and enjoy painting, collage, and drawing in particular. Some of the common themes of my work are: Abstraction and pattern, the female body, and fashion. Titles are a significant part in my work since they relate to what I am thinking while making it or where an idea comes from, yet not giving it all away.fc88c9_0ea83bbb48e4472e9c8f115709d5df1c fc88c9_4f23848ce0c84d368b2cccfc68a3f09e fc88c9_19d72342248b47d8b7d7225a0f44728f fc88c9_23b7bc0593114f4fa25f60d53537a35e fc88c9_30f73c39f3f54746a213aadfcf14384a fc88c9_466d86b2ce8645e18fe5422c6f9f41f8 fc88c9_1377c59592dd492ab72abe381bfdf14f fc88c9_43515be7a71b4f9d991230e79a7a7cb2 fc88c9_43929cd906fc412da460b80d9dde91fe fc88c9_a957e21cba1e4ce68676be6c8dc20e24 fc88c9_b789b3e44f834dffaa3b6337536da662 fc88c9_c40aad1f10794ea09752f75ab7d3e257