Maryanne Moodie’s Tapestry

If the Instagramming Brooklyn fashion indie set had a queen, she’d be Maryanne Moodie. She’s a throwback to the 1970s; her tapestry wall hangings recall Don Freedman’s bohemian hippie fiber artworks that Megan Draper would have most definitely hung in her LA bungalow.

Maryanne Moodie coil

Moodie is relatively new on the weaving scene; she made her first piece about four years ago from an old weaving kit she discovered whilst cleaning out a storeroom at the Melbourne, Australia school she taught at as an art teacher. She’d been searching for a creative outlet to supplement her teaching and had always admired textile art.

Maryanne Moodie Nick Cave

In 2013, she and her husband moved across the globe to New York City, where she spends most of her time teaching the art of weaving to sold out groups, weaving commissions for private buyers, boutiques, art galleries and her Etsy store.

She counts Nick Cave as an artistic influence, which is quite evident comparing some of Cave’s sound suits from his Cincinnati Art Museum exhibition Meet Me at the Center of the Earth from 2012 and Moodie’s tapestry shown in the photo below. Both artists use color and texture to create textural, dynamic, detailed works with incredible movement (quite literally, in Cave’s sound suits!).

Most recently, Moodie has been experimenting with attaching coils of fabric to her tapestries to create even more dimensional and textural pieces. The result takes the 70s vibe and catapults it straight into the 21st century.

Nick Cave Meet Me at the Center of the Earth