Natuurpunt video encourages viewers to look at gardens with fresh eyes

It might come as a surprise to see a gorilla in your back garden, but filmmakers Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels have created a fantasy world in which one such creature is right at home.

As part of a campaign by Natuurpunt to encourage people to make their gardens into wilder spaces, the Ghent-based team have created a miniature felt gorilla and sent him on a journey around the back yard. De Swaef and Roels, who have used felt puppets in previous projects, aim to bring more wildlife into our back yards by showing viewers just what a wilderness our gardens can really be. The short video shows the gorilla getting up close and personal with snails and hedgehogs, drinking from a pond and making garden flowers into his own personal jungle.

The gorilla himself is entirely handmade, and the video will surely appeal to children exited about exploring the wilderness in their own homes. [h/t]

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