Outlandish masks inspired by mysticism by Léonard Condemine

French artist Léonard Condemine creates masks that he photographs on models in outdoor settings. While his works strongly refer to tribal cultures and their aesthetics, the photos go far beyond merely documenting any real ritual from history. Rather, Condemine invents a whole new myth with every piece. Each composition is a well-orchestrated story with setting, lighting, costumes, and characters all meticulously designed and curated in order to create the perfect still to an ongoing storyline.

Condemine is interested in exploring both the formation of identity and the loss of it. The masks in his photos work to obscure the individuality of the subject and transform them into vessels for the divine and mystical forces they call upon. The individual’s identity becomes defined by the mask and environment they reside inside. [h/t beautifuldecay.com]Bonus-picture-1 Cover-picture picture-1 picture-2 picture-3 picture-4 picture-5 picture-6 picture-7