Digital Collages – Joshua Brinlee

Joshua Brinlee is an artist from the U.S. and will shortly become a full-time professor at The University of Mississippi. His digital collages are a combination of layered paintings. The goal is to deconstruct the notions of originality, ownership, and identity.

“The images presented for this series attempt to break their attachments to provenance and represent themselves anew. [….]  Female portraiture has been appropriated to show the archetypes used to define women: the visionary, the scribe, the mother, the femme fatale, and the maiden to name a few.  The final prints represent the variety of archetypes of women and subverts the context of the original portrait.”  

Digital Collages - Joshua Brinlee The Heroine The Maiden copy

The Mother The Queen The Scribe The Virgin The Visionary The Witch

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