Elido Turco – Digital Art

This set of digital shots, which finds faces in the random patterns of nature, is called, “Dream Creatures” – and it’s the project of Elido Turco, a photographer from Italy.

Elido Turco - Digital Art Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-3 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-4

Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-5 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-6 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-10 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-11 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-14 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-15 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-16 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-17 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-19 Dream-Creatures-Elido-Turco-top

via ufunk.net

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