Laura Plageman – Digital Art

Artist, Laura Plageman is from Berkeley, CA and studied art across the bay in San Francisco.  Her digital art highlights the beauty and mystery of nature while exploring “photographic truth and distortion”, finding that sweet spot between imagination and reality. This series of shots are entitled, Response, and will be featured September 20th – November 9th at the De Soto Gallery in Southern California.

Laura Plageman - Digital Art n1944-b_kudzu n1960-b-inspiration-point

Plageman-Cloud-No1 plageman-cowells-study-no1 Plageman-Feeding-Frenzy Plageman-MBay-No2 Plageman-MBay-No3 Plageman-McWay-Falls Plageman-Mussel-Rock Plageman-Pacifica-Study Plageman-Pfeiffer-Beach-Study-no1

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