Slipping through the haze with Constantin Os

When I first started with computer graphics tools, I got into artistic usage of 3D tools, but I was drowned in work not having time for creative things. I worked as a computer graphics artist for about ten years, but due to the hard work, I did absolutely nothing as an artist for about eight years.
 One day, long time ago, I turned my attention to the properties of translucent materials in the 3d graphics environment. I studied the properties of such materials, I liked the effect they gave – smooth disappearing with range. I used similar materials in my job, but not in artistic way.
 This year I made some changes to my work schedule and mode, I allocated myself some free time. With the free time I got a desire to do something non commercial, some thing artistic. Once, I set up lighting in a virtual 3D studio to visualize a 3d person, and suddenly I remembered about the old interest in translucent material – I made one picture with a girl disappearing in the distance. It was not clear picture, just as idea, some color preview. I did not attach much importance to the resulting picture, so I continued to do other work. I decided to do a series with good quality and attention to colors, and lighting. I hope you will be pleased to see the result of this work.