The digital manipulations of Du Zhenjun

In his series titled “Tower of Babel”, Chinese artist Du Zhenjun presents us with a contemporary version of the apocalypse. Huge structures loom in the center of each piece as scenes of political unrest, and the impacts of globalization and pollution materialize below. Du is considered one of the pioneering digital artists in China and he sources his images from mass-media outlets, news, and television. By dealing with themes of tragedy and conflict, Du attempts to uncover the universal human condition.

In the series, Du creates a parallel between modern society and the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis, in which humankind built a tower trying to reach heaven. God punished their attempt by destroying the tower and dispersing them all over the world with different languages so that they could no longer communicate with each other. [h/t:]Du-Zhenjun-01 Du-Zhenjun-02 Du-Zhenjun-03 Du-Zhenjun-04 Du-Zhenjun-06 Du-Zhenjun-07 Du-Zhenjun-09 Du-Zhenjun-10 Du-Zhenjun-11