The expressive landscape paintings of Grażyna Smalej

Polish painter, Grażyna Smalej, incorporates a variety of different styles in each one of her works. With a solid foundation in realism, she incorporates surreal and abstract elements to create flowing, expansive scenes in her paintings. Figurative elements become a jumping off point for a journey into a dream world where emotion and meaning is conveyed through color and rhythm.

Of her style, the artist says: “I move between different styles, combining abstraction with figuration. Concerning themes and my colour palette, I have no restrictions, with one exception: I avoid dramatics in depicted situations. Only the scale between extensive backgrounds and minor human figures or vehicles is constant. I am inspired by Dutch painting, especially by Peter Breughel. I like to think of my paintings as a kind of poetry without words.” [h/t]Grazyna-Smalej-1 Grazyna-Smalej-2 Grazyna-Smalej-3

Grażyna Smalej "Kąpiel LXVI", 2011, olej na płótnie, 90x110

Grażyna Smalej "Solina", 2011, olej na płótnie, 81x100

Grażyna Smalej "Picnic near Wawel Castle"

Grażyna Smalej "The Lawn of the Tate Modern"