Genre dabbling with Michelle Zhang

I’m a Visual Artist with a background in fashion design, employed as a Graphic Designer in Sydney. I dabble in most things creative, but specialize in portraiture, surreal, abstract and fashion illustrations. I also enjoy creating the occasional mural. I often begin working in a specific genre but use it as only a starting point. Some of my major influences (artists or now) include, Joss Whedon, Gil Hibben, Antoni Gaudi, MC Escher, Ben Heines, Salvador Dali and Prince. Other things that inspire me include, music, nature, beaches, activities (generally involving heights) and ice skating. My favorite subject matters are people, pets, robots, macabre, unicorns, fantasy and the abstract. I enjoy experimenting with mediums, but my controlled style generally lends itself to pen and pencil. ~Michelle Zhang2006.07.10-Seven-Deadly-Sins-Series-Vanity 2007.01.15-One-Lazy-Smoker 2007.09.20-Illusions-Part-ONE-e1384747788686 2007.09.20-Illusions-Part-THREE-e1384747808894 2007.09.20-Illusions-Part-TWO-e1384747802474 2009.07.21-Unzip 2010.11.05-Dseeva 2011.08.17-Morning-Vice 2012.12.26-Sock 2013.02.08-Robrene