Geothermic Illustrations by Kai & Sunn

These wonderful geometric based illustrations were done by Kai & Sunny, a London based art team.   They will be on display at Jonathan Levine Gallery until the end of September.

Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_0-640x426 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_1-640x448 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_2-640x426

Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_3-640x768 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_4-640x426 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_5-640x448 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_6 Geometrical-Patterns-by-Kai-Sunny_7

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