Illustrations – Gideon Kiefer

We take a look at some illustrations by Belgian artists, Gideon Kiefer – whose intriguing and slight mysterious artwork has been displayed all over the globe.

“Life inspires me the most. Ideas come to me all the time, while sitting on the train or when I hear a certain song. That’s why I always carry a little notebook with me. If you don’t directly write down your ideas they can fade away very quickly. Another thing that inspires me are my dreams.”

illustrations - Gideon Kiefer Gideon-Kiefer02 Gideon-Kiefer04

Gideon-Kiefer05 Gideon-Kiefer10 Gideon-Kiefer-drawings Gideon-Kiefer08 Gideon-Kiefer07

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