Scenes from Falco’s webcomic, Weaker Sides

Greetings! My name’s Falco. I’m a Dutch illustrator, video artist and comic creator. Storytelling is the most important aspect of my personal work. I love taking the viewer or reader away into a different reality that is still closely connected to ours and flesh out the histories and conflicts of the story’s characters. After having worked on dozens of short comics and graphic novels over the past 15 years I needed to take a step into the unknown and go wild with a project that would take me and the reader somewhere new. With my webcomic Weaker Sides I’m experimenting with different media and a more intuitive approach to getting to know the characters. You can find it at www.weakersides.comws-page-13-copy ws-page-15-copy ws-page-19-copy ws-page-24-copy ws-page-25-a-copy ws-page-129-copy ws-page-139-copy ws-page-140-copy