The adventurous illustrations of Maggie Chiang

My name is Maggie Chiang, I am an illustrator born and raised in Los Angeles. My work is inspired by both real and fictitious places, and gives off the sense of longing for adventure. I typically work with watercolor, playing around with textures and layering with the medium. My process usually starts off with a few sketches and doodles from my sketchbook then from there I create the final piece. I don’t plan too much so that my pieces are open for interpretation, and for new ideas to occur in the process. 00_WEBSITE_1000 13_MaggieChiang_Birdhouse_989 1888_o_817 Flashlightwebsite_1000 MaggieChiang_FWQ_fullpage_709 MaggieChiang_web_1000 Poster-Print_667 WEBSITE_1000 WEBSITE123_1000