The naturalist illustrations of Yann Bagot

My work is centered around drawing, ink, printmaking and artist book. This approach is based on alternating work sessions: deep in the natural elements, and creating images back in the studio. Outdoors, my research focuses on landscape, drawing inspiration from the deployment of natural forces surrounding it. Indoors, my creation is inspired by scientific adventures and natural phenomena: areal and aquatic currents, geological movements, forcefields, cycles of matter. I live and work in Paris, but as often as possible I escape to natural environments. Alongside my personal art, I am part of the drawing collective Ensaders. ~Yann Bagot arbres_ete2103_02 arbres_ete2103_05 bretagneete2013_yannbagot_08 Equinoxes_hiver2013_yannbagot-1 equinoxes-yb-01_2000 faille_yannbagot_5 horizons-yb-05Geneses_yb_web_03 subumbra-41 vanite-yb-01-00_2000 iceberg_yannbagot_7sources_5676_01_950 le_cimetiere_marin_yannbagot lemonde_vivant_yannbagot un_miracle_yannbagotainsi_va_le_monde_yannbagotbeautes_du_monde_invisible_yannbagot