The Nothingness of Amelie by Sydney Sie

Sydney Sie is a Taipei-based photographer and graphic designer. About her work, she states, “My artwork is often rife with gradient color, optical illusion and everything about feminine. I want my works to be bright but eerie, and include aspects of graphic that particularly interest my such as colour. I like to capture surreal moments, but those moments or atmospheres I created through different analogue and, or digital approaches.”

Sie’s latest series, The Nothingness of Amelie, “is full of comfortable colors, and it’s just like lying on an extremely soft bed, which like lying in the cloud. At some point, all of them will dissolve into nothingness.” [h/t]

Sydney-Sie Sydney-Sie2 Sydney-Sie3 Sydney-Sie4 Sydney-Sie5 Sydney-Sie6 Sydney-Sie7 Sydney-Sie8 Sydney-Sie9 Sydney-Sie10 Sydney-Sie11