A flowing and surreal art installation by Erika Lizée

Dark, swirling forms float across the wall in Erika Lizée’s surreal art installation for GALA Exhibits, Glendale, CA. The piece titled “…and yet, things continue to unfold” appears to move off the surface of the wall and take on three-dimensional form. The artist uses acrylic paint on Duralar, a translucent film, and uses Trompe l’oeil painting technique to breath life and form into the moving mass.

“I make artwork that contemplates the impermanence of existence,” she said on 365artists365days.com. “I am intrigued by how we craft an understanding of reality based on our perceptions of what is known and unknown. The fluidity and flux of reality is seamless and constant, and in my work I seek to express the feeling of this elusive experience.” [h/t beautifuldecay.com]Lizee2 Lizee3 Lizee4 Lizee5 Lizee6 Lizee7 Lizee8 Lizee9 Lizee12