Flowers interact with fish in Teamlab’s latest interactive installation

Delicate flowers are projected onto real fish in Enoshima Aquarium’s Big Sagami Bay Tank in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s just the latest art installation conjured up by Japanese design group, Teamlab. The projections may lay on top of fish as they swim across the tank or stay in stationery locations until a fish swims across the image and causes it to burst into petals. The projected images themselves lend a soft light to the space that add to the surreal atmosphere. Because the installation is interactive, its appearance is constantly changing so that the art “that is created in one moment will disappear in the next, never to be seen again.”

The installation will be on display through December 25, 2015. [h/t] Teamlab’s latest interactive installation JuxtapozTeamLab01 JuxtapozTeamLab02

 Teamlab’s latest interactive installation JuxtapozTeamLab04 JuxtapozTeamLab05 JuxtapozTeamLab06