Divine Decay by Kon Markogiannis

“Divine Decay” is a series of photographic/mixed media constructions informed and inspired by holy texts, illuminated manuscripts, death memorials, alchemical/occult symbols, sacred geometry, religious icons and Renaissance panel paintings. ~Kon Markogianniskonmark_divinedecay3The work deals with memory, remembrance and decay and tackles issues such as spirituality which is often neglected but also essential for the well-being and inner balance of the individual in our hypertechnological and increasingly materialistic society.konmark_divinedecay40The gritty and damaged appearance of the images alludes to fragility, mortality and the transient nature of earthly existence. Although such subjects are generally perceived as rather morbid and depressing, reflection on their significance could prove to be an illuminating way of reflecting on life. konmark_divinedecay15konmark_divinedecay8 konmark_divinedecay22 konmark_divinedecay47 konmark_divinedecay39