The message of the Enlightened One – Sangeeta Abhay

My name is Sangeeta Abhay, I am an artist who paints & does the sculpture on the Buddha from last 12 years.Happy to share with you that I have been featured in an epic and historic documentary called ‘Civilisation’ by BBC. This is a 9-episode documentary and I am featured in the 3rd episode called ‘God and Art’. BBC was looking for a contemporary artist who is inspired by ancient art, after doing research on my work, which is influenced by Ajanta paintings they have selected me.
Sangeeta Abhay was born into the lap of art and culture in Buldana, Maharashtra – a quaint town situated against the backdrop of the unparalleled Ajanta caves. Later in life, deeply enamoured by the teachings of the Buddha, she progressed to give vent to her creativity by inculcating the message of the Enlightened One in her paintings and sculptures.