The pop inspired paintings of Alberto Fumora

I am an experimental artist. I’ve been creating art for 20 years now, passing through digital art, photography, mix media, collage and painting. My works are mostly based on pop culture and painted with acrylics on canvas or pvc laminate. Right now I am experimenting with portraits, nudes and some landscapes on my colorful style and I’m happy with the results. Working lately on a new series called “Glitch LSD”, you can see the first one here, it´s called “Di LSD” with a Pinocchio glitch on it. ~Alberto Fumora14291622_10154832854406874_2083177227009308989_nI belong to “Caminarte”, a group of artists on Playa del Carmen, México that do regular exhibitions weekly on the 5th avenue of this beautiful beach. Thanks to that most of my works are now hanging around the world.12187777_10153990433176874_9012073938645306969_nIt’s difficult to define myself or to categorize my artwork. I paint because I love it. My first years where more individualist, more free on creation, use of brushes, hands, spatula… now I work with an image in my mind that I want to share with the world!  12193442_10153996404791874_4222725019148355579_n 13118879_10154473423601874_6705965131635777326_n 13434770_10154597935021874_7802493816569345464_n 13528373_10154620954991874_4881326019652253562_o 13692463_10154673907596874_1655574928115322876_n 13880332_10154695762076874_3221545262394489269_n 13882087_10154698689906874_2004288021831577595_n 13882462_10154710080101874_4529678075043901127_n