Splattered ink animal portraits by Hua Tunan

Chinese-born artist Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese painting with Western street art in his highly energized splattered ink paintings of animals. A mess of lines come together to form portraits that appear to leap off the canvas in each of Tunan’s paintings.

Born in 1991 in Foshan, Guangdong, Tunan has been gaining notoriety over the last few years for his signature style. He first rose to fame with a striking owl painting outlined in lightning bolt-like streaks and a gaze that grabs the viewer. He has worked with brand names like as Louis Vuitton, Adidas, NIKE, Jaguar, Volvo, and Disney and his works can be found on both canvases and wall-sized murals.

Hua Tunan is currently on display at Chicago’s Galerie F in his very first solo exhibition. [h/t boredpanda.com]

splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-1 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-2 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-4.1 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-6 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-8 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-9 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-10 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-11 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-12 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-13 splatter-artist-street-hua-tunan-cheng-yingjie-14