Subtle geological forms painted by Ashley Eliza Williams

Artist Ashley Eliza Williams paints geological forms that seem to take on a life of their own. She obscures the boundary between the organic and inorganic and seems to create objects which could be interpreted as either rock or flesh. She is fascinated with natural patterns and systems and a more subtle color pallet which emphasizes the ethereal mood of the works.

In her bio, she writes, “By studying ecological interconnections, we become increasingly aware of the tenuous relationship between human beings and the vulnerable ecosystems that support us. Learning how moss spreads, how clouds accumulate, and how bones grow can help us imagine future lifeforms and landscapes created when these patterns are disturbed. Disrupting these systems will alternately produce disastrous and extraordinary results. We can use these conceptions to alter the ways in which we interact with nature.” [h/t]Juxtapoz_WIlliams01 Juxtapoz_WIlliams02 Juxtapoz_WIlliams03 Juxtapoz_WIlliams04 Juxtapoz_WIlliams05 Juxtapoz_WIlliams06 Juxtapoz_WIlliams07 Juxtapoz_WIlliams08 Juxtapoz_WIlliams09 Juxtapoz_WIlliams11