Adam Lupton Paintings

Adam Lupton is an artist and painter hailing from Canada; he received degree at Emmy Carr University in Art and Design.

Adam Lupton’s art is a splintered depiction, somewhere between various states or alternate realities.  All of this is beautifully laid out in an expressive yet heavily-defined juxtaposition between brush strokes and dabs of oil paint and medium.



The execution of the art resembles the impatient confusion in which Lupton’s subjects find themselves. His subjects, almost distorted with indecision, paint for us a double-exposed picture of a single moment — one with both human rebellion and submission in action together. The combination of his realistic subjects painted in expressive and loose brush strokes perfectly add a sense of urgency within his art, which captures the moment immensely. This causes the viewer to take on an almost voyeuristic role, a feeling of intruding on the subject’s private thoughts and probable regrets.

His subject matter toys with themes and concepts of free will and its role in human introspection and asks us since when exactly does too much free will start to become a crutch rather than a proud attribute of self-democracy. His subjects are cloudy from a trail of bitter outcomes - from seemingly innocuous actions such as an unsent or sent text message, to which position might be best to submerge oneself in a bath tub; they appear to be trapped in an obsessive self-correcting hiatus from acceptance and life.


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Adam Lupton Paintings

His subject matter flirts with concepts of free will and its role in human introspection. His subjects are cloudy with some appearing to be trapped in an obsessive self-correcting state, trapped in motion, on the verge of becoming jaded.




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