Black and white hyperrealistic paintings by Claus Word

Painting in grey shades is a sort of union between past and future that I’m trying to connect: in the past, all media has had origin from a monochromatic scale, today the high definition is always more developed in every field and in mine, the max level is the meticulous research of details. In my personal view, the high definition of hyperrealism meets the fascination of the past with its black and white. I also focus my attention on the dual concept of the world, emphasized through a bichromatic lens: black and white, light and shadow, life and death, every thing holds on a perfect dualism of antipodals. ~Claus Word

My intent is to perfect my technique experimenting new touches and ways of painting, striking the observer, through the multitude of details that I realize in an heavy control of chiaroscuro. In this last series, I’m analyzing the eyes, using often them as main theme. I want to investigate the eye in his natural perfection: every iris is always different from each other, any eye could create a new world completely stranger from anyone else and I like to probe it in the deep. Furthermore, the gaze represents the subjectivity of a point of view, that is, also in this case, unique and personal. 2013-64519-243886_3184_11453_t 2013-64519-243888_20756_11453_t 2015-64519-334058_7781_11453_t 2015-64519-334080_27447_11453_t Claus-Word-Oil-Paintings-Realistic_ambizioni-cibo-per-il-futuro Claus-Word-Oil-Paintings-Realistic_Eye Claus-Word-Oil-Paintings-Realistic_Victorian-Beauty