Challenge initial perceptions with Magdalena Morey

I’m an abstract expressionist mixed media artist. I am originally from Poland but over the past 11 years have lived and exhibited in England, Switzerland and now in Spain.~Magdalena Moreyblush_1000-minMy work is primarily inspired by forms and textures that I see in the natural world. My aim with my recent work is to create artwork that intrigues and challenge our initial perceptions. Every painting is built up from multiple layers of gold leaf, acrylics, watercolours and pastels, with the goal of creating an interplay of texture, reflectivity and colour. I use watercolours to tint the metallic reflections, which leads to the colours changing continually with the viewer’s perspective and the lighting conditions. breathe_1500-min changing-seasons-1-1500-min immersion_1500-min refraction_1000-min silver-lining-1500-min timeless-1500-min turbulent_1-1500-min