The coffee cup paintings of Biswajit Das

Cups stacked into another and stifled into a fitted polythene. It wasn’t just what I saw everyday next to the coffee vending machine. It was my state of mind. These spacious glass offices are great at claustrophobia. From cups till humans.  ~Biswajit Das13We were on the same plane. The rock bottom of the cup and me. The only way left to look, was upwards. And as long as our doors are open, we can see the moon from the tiniest of the space. 15I befriended the base of the cup and poured everything in it, including colours. It wasn’t easy to paint with almost a straight hanging brush. But the tougher war was with the claustrophobia hanging in the air. Both were battled with and won against. And that too on an everyday basis. I was painting one cup base everyday, starting 9th May 2015. My mood. My muse. My freedom. And a radius of 5.5 cm was comfortably accommodating all of the above three.  28 29 34 39 46 47 49 57