Experimentations in love with Adam Kluger

At the heart of my artwork is a spirit of experimentation and love. Love of New York City and The Great American Experiment. This city is electric and it crackles with action. I like to capture images with my camera and then use them as the basis of my sketches and mixed media paintings the same way Andy did. I mix in a variety of mediums from charcoal to watercolor to acrylic paints and play around until the final image has the resonance it deserves. I am influenced by so many great artists from Dubuffet to Picasso to Rothko and Klee. Although, my work has been said to remind some of Soutine, Chagall and Modigliani. Which is, of course, I find to be incredibly flattering and completely absurd. As a writer and emerging artist it has been extremely validating to have found a home in dozens of top literary-arts magazines around the world. But a writer or artist cannot live on praise. We require inspiration. I find that from other great writers and artists. Hemingway, Bukowski, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salinger, Melville, Van Gogh, Seurat and sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein, who I am distantly related to, on my mother’s side of the family.~Adam KlugerfullsizerenderLike Epstein, who also grew up in New York City in 1880, before moving to England, I identify myself as a “street artist” because that is where the real action is. The drama, the pathos, the beauty and the danger. I like to be immersed in it. My friends in the art-world have nicknamed me “Dreck” or “Der Dreckenheimer” because of my cavalier attitude about art. Perhaps, that is why I am constantly being identified as one of the leaders of this new anti-art movement in New York City. Anti-art, which can be traced back to Marcel Duchamp and the Dadaists, posited that, as philosopher Immanuel Kant rightly argued, there is no objective standard of beauty and that the transformative impact of art that takes place during the aesthetic interaction between an individual and an art object, should always be considered paramount. Whether that argument was made by Duchamp and his toilet as an art object, carried on by Andy and his Tomato Soup Can Paintings or interpreted more recently by New York Conceptual artist Lisa Levy sitting naked atop a toilet in a New York Gallery, the anti-art argument remains valid. The true purpose of art should be to challenge the status quo and transform and delight all members of society, not simply to line the pockets of a few power-brokers with gold. My goal is to embrace the Muse daily and make love to her with all my passion and being in the hopes that what remains will have resonance. Lady at The Mansion Girl-with-Tattoo1 Green face in Diner img_20140830_100737_edit_edit_edit_edit_edit IMG_20150327_132037_edit_edit_edit1 IMG_20150817_221747_edit_edit_edit2_edit Siren on Park Avenue Stationary Store Times-Square-Crossroadsbw