Exploring the human condition with Devin Sutanujaya

I am a painter and illustrator who is fascinated with creating visuals that explore the human condition, the wonder and mystery of life, the mind’s dreamscape, and beauty. To explore the invisible realm of emotion, time, and memories – I excavate the elements of the human psyche which remain unseen, yet are the most beautiful things which make us who we are. My work is inspired by the nature of feelings and emotions that we, as human beings experience but often times is difficult to grasp.

Through my work, I aim to capture the concept and translate them visually in hope that I can spark an interest in the viewers to reflect upon them, to realize their transient nature and not to take them for granted. All these elements are accentuated through my soft, atmospheric, and dream-like quality paintings, with strokes of acrylic on canvas using the dry brush technique. ~Devin Sutanujayan painting-anamnesis painting-b painting-catscraddle painting-float painting-m painting-rg painting-simphony painting-strawberry