Hyper-Realist Artist, Gustavo Silva Nunez

Hyper-realist artists can often be found working on their canvases in busy city streets, where they attract an audience because of their optical illusions. Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nunez produces the kind of awe-inspiring hyper-realistic art that sees passers-by stop in their tracks to figure out where the artist ends and the painting actually begins. This is because Nunez, like all hyper-realistic painters, creates an optical illusion whereby the subject matter of the painting – in Nunez’s case, mostly often swimmers – appears as though they’re emerging from the canvas and stepping out into our three dimensional world. Critics say such art lacks true substance and artistic merit, but it certainly captures the public’s imagination.11b-Gustavo-Silva-Nunez-yatzer 81-Gustavo-Silva-Nunez-yatzer

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