Inside the dark fantasies of Kavan the Kid

If our wildest dreams could be printed in a photograph, they might look something like the works of LA-based photographer Kavan the Kid. His moody and often tense images invite us to stroll into the darkest parts of our own imaginations as we fill in the twisted back-stories to the characters presented before us. Their faces and hands, often painted over, seem to overflow with emotions of despair, melancholy, or quiet contemplation. And the compositions are laden with dark symbols and violent pops of color to hint at an entire history waiting to be told inside the composition.

Before he was a photographer, Kavan once pursued a psychology degree at Boise State University. But he dropped out within three weeks to pursue his creative passion. That bold decision has certainly paid off for him. [h/t]12663293653_34880d9720_k 13474941685_cc17a08ef9_k 13567903304_89bede1164_k 14277059325_1b74ff29d6_k 14337740931_0d352f1d67_k 15071637081_b17c39829c_k 15242856179_4c42f37ac1_k 15301736558_fd1787dc90_k 16295696844_d3b94c680f_k 16535759326_a54d210268_k 16759728666_b6fc355138_k 16921153366_d5dd212ab7_k 19338804868_db73ddb978_k