The intimate sensory experiences of James Oberschlake

I rarely begin a painting with any sort of idea in mind, but instead let the images evolve slowly while consistently inventing new forms and re-imagining the anatomy, color, and texture of those forms.  For several years I painted abstracted human figures, and figurative elements still show up in a lot of paintings, but most recently I’m gravitating toward organic, plant-based or floral imagery.  It’s enjoyable for me to anticipate the creative process with a high sense of discovery; whether or not the role of imagination is a popular notion in contemporary art, it remains vital to my well being.  I feel like some of my work could be described as an intimate sensory experience, akin to some small, strange sight one might stumble upon while exploring in nature.  Other works are more a representation of raw, emotive phenomenon that flirt with psychotic or schizoid characteristics.  Maybe there is some mixture of both assessments across the board. ~James Oberschlake1052_orig 163362_orig 4772642_orig 4906595_orig 6106075_orig 6439444_orig 6474083_orig 6629785_orig 6689670_orig 8482952_orig